Saturday, November 26, 2011

Incepted Saga - Something Borrowed Part II

Continuation from yesterday…

From the beginning, you root for Rachel, after all she is the one who met the guy, she had everything in common with him and Darcy comes along and just kind of steals him from her.

Although Dex is engaged to Darcy, he really likes Rachel. But wait a minute! What are you doing getting engaged to someone if you really love someone else? Well, this movie will give you the idea that it’s ok, it happens. Right.

Then, after a shared ride on a taxi, Rachel and Dex end up declaring their love for each other and guess what else? Sleeping together. Now there is this big problem: Dex betrayed his fiancée and Rachel betrayed her best friend. If you are a true friend, then you know that you NEVER, EVER even look at your friend’s boyfriend or husband in any other than just as your friend’s boyfriend or husband! That is, if you ARE A GOOD FRIEND.

But Something Borrowed hints that in this case it’s no problem and here are the ideas they use in the movie to justify and make you agree to this:

Rachel saw him first and Darcy ‘stole’ the guy from herGive me a break! If the guy really wanted to stay with her, he would have, despite of what Darcy did or didn’t do. It was his choice to stay with Darcy.

Darcy is just spoiledAgain, no reason to sleep with her boyfriend, after all Rachel continues to be friends with her in spite of her being spoiled.

They were meant for each otherThat’s all well and good, but it was no reason for her to just go and be with a guy who had a commitment with someone else.

He loves Rachel, his friend, not Darcy, his soon-to-be-wifeSo, what would be the right thing to do? Break up with the girl he ‘just realized’ he doesn’t love and stay with the one he does love. Don’t stay with both!

 Darcy doesn’t love him Same as above.

Darcy cheated on himThey paint this really ugly picture about Darcy, that she doesn’t deserve him, that she cheated on him, that she is selfish, arrogant, backstabbing etc, which might all be true, but it does not justify what happens in the movie. Yes, you would like Dex and Rachel to end up together, but not by doing all the wrong things and not going about it the wrong way.

Do you want to know the ultimate lesson in this movie?

If you love someone and you feel you are meant to be together, you should do anything in your power to get the guy… even if he is somebody’s husband.

Now, you don’t realize that when you are watching the movie, do you?

THINK or someone else will do it for you!


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I Will for sure not watch this movie, it is pretty much bad this movie. And very sad...
    Why go through all that to end up with the one you love? Why not just save yourself the heartache and do what is right? I guess someone forgot to use their thinking brain in this movie, and I am especially talking about Rachel and Dex.
    Its true what you said here, this movie gives out a bad message, and to think I was going to watch this! I guess I forgot to read between the lines of the title "Something Borrowed"

    Keep posting :)

  2. Dsmn good movie!! Dont judge it!!! It happen eveyday to someone not saying that it is right but c'mon its a movie and they are just asking!!! So get off ur high horses and just watch it!!

  3. It's Just a movie,and it does have a happy ending.I LOVE THE MOVIE SOMETHING BORROWED,CANT WAIT TO SEE PART2 .People need to get OVer themselves.

  4. Just a movie, young people, selfless, a begining of what' s to com and/or be? Give like one day at a time and something begins to form. some things good and some things not lol! God knew it would be sin in relationship. that's why he exist to help modify them. I Cannot wait for part 2 :)). I wand to see what God's goingto do with a person's mind. I hope it's loviing, and just as much fun as Part 1. Yes!! Love the actors, movie every thing about it. would not Chang any of it. Great movie.

  5. Waiting on part 2!!!!

  6. Loved the movie....can't wait for part 2....