Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I do it my way

She knows how to take care of herself and so everyone thinks she is really beautiful. She knows how to speak, how to be pleasant and the way she carries herself causes a lot of girls to admire her.

She is not the clueless type of girl, she knows what she wants in life and she knows how to get it. She is always busy with a new project, her job, her career, her family, her plans for the future and her friends. 

She has everything going for her, she feels content with the way she does things, she is bold and determined to fight for her dreams and that makes the future look even brighter. And to top it all up, she believes in God, goes to church and has even made some time for a few projects there as well. God is such a big part in her life...

Oh what an ideal way to live!!! Conquering what you want and having God being a part of everything...

Except... that's not the way things really work with God.

You can't have God as part of your life, like your family or friends are. God is not a gym class that you make time for three times a week! There is no such thing as 'I believe in God, but I do it my way, on my own time'. Either God IS your life and you fit everything else around Him or forget it, just continue living your life without Him.

Many people say, 'but God understands that I'm busy and don't have a lot of time'. Yes, sure... why don't you say that to your professor in college, or perhaps your family who expects you to spend some quality time with them, or even your boss? Yes, why don't you tell your boss that you can't work for a few weeks, because you are just too busy right now? 

So, why is it ok to say that to God? Why should He accept your leftovers? 

You are just kidding yourself if you think you can pull that off... and you know it. 

If you want to have a faith that brings results to your daily life, the secret is this: God FIRST, then everything else. 

Otherwise, just keep doing things your way and trusting in the strength of your own arm. You want to continue fitting God into your busy schedule? That's your right.  

Just don't expect God to do anything for you... better yet, expect Him to do just as much as you do for Him.

And that's the way it is.


  1. Now a days we have time against us sometimes, so we end up having no time for God, leaving Him as a side dish, but as you said, it doesn't work like that.

    Very true Mrs. Raphaela

  2. A BIG ouch for those living this way...AND MMMM HMMM GIRL, PREACH, IT IF YOUR LIVING RIGHT FOR GOD!!!! Perfectly put =)

  3. Thank you Mrs Raphaela!

  4. Mrs. Rapha this blog post couldn't speak any louder to me! thanks for posting this up, you went in! and your right!

  5. God must not be only part of our life. He must be the FIRST in our life. He don't want Him to be our leftover because he gave His all to us and then He'll be the leftover.. It's unfair! Sometimes we do things in our own way that brings no result, but when we put God as our number 1 we will be successful in everything we do.